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Managed Services Q&A

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Q: Why should I used managed I.T. services?

A: If you are a small business you will lower your costs, improve the technical expertise of your organization and stay up to date on new technologies as well as new threats.

Q: How much should I spend?

A: Most small businesses report spending 4-6% of their revenue on I.T. services. Other models propose roughly 150-200 dollars per month per user.

Q: Why are you always talking to us about security no one cares about my small business?

A: The latest studies show 68% of breaches are happening to small businesses. Yes, there are targeted attacks to certain companies but most hacking starts with port scanning and finds holes from the Internet to your internal network. Small businesses rarely have the time or resources to educate users on such items as Phishing, Pharming, Vishing, and Smishing. The following link provides a high-level overview of these attacks which are typically way more efficient than actually hacking into a business.

Q: What does Yourisd do to protect its valuable clients?

A: We only partner with industry leaders and can customize each solution to meet your unique business or compliance needs.

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