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Md Delwar Hossain
May 11, 2022
In Welcome to the Tech Forum
Just as the three giants SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and Confirmit have long been positioned as "service providers" rather than simply tool Special Database platforms. Domestic online questionnaires are also undergoing transformation and upgrading from tool attributes to service attributes. For online questionnaire products, the sample library will not only become the starting point for the transformation to a service provider, but also become the key to shuffling the cards and ultimately deciding the winner. In our opinion, the reasons are nothing more than Special Database three points: the needs of circles, the needs of the B-end market, and the response to black production. 02 It is important to meet the needs of the circle In that book. The Circle Effect, Harvard visiting professor Thomas Colopoulos coined the term "the Circle Effect." It is an extension of the "Generation Z effect", which originates from Special Database the fact that since the birth of the post-95 generation, the trend of "invisibility" of technology has gradually appeared in society. The previous circle boundaries are gradually disappearing. People of different ages, educational backgrounds, and social classes can Special Database consume the same content through the same technology, and it is easier for independent individuals to gather together. Consumption trends have also changed with the deepening of the circle. The best example is the stall of the daily chemical giant Procter & Gamble over the past few years. Data show that its full-year sales in fiscal 2006 were $68.2 billion; in Special Database fiscal 2017, its sales fell to $65.1 billion. The core reason is that the consumers (samples) faced by P&G have changed. Procter & Gamble is targeting the masses, but the further fragmentation and socialization of information transmission makes the masses differentiate Special Database into circles with more distinct characteristics, and niche brands have the opportunity to win the minds of consumers with their unique temperament and special functions.
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Md Delwar Hossain

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